Dedicated to improving your overall health.  

Welcome to our site about common sense healthcare.  You will find that
many of our articles truly live up to the name of being unconventional.  
Others will give you some more traditional and widely accepted practices.  
However, you will find that
all of our healthcare articles are devoted to
enhancing your health and well-being with a common sense approach.

Our underlying belief is that modern medicine is indeed miraculous in many
ways.  However, pharmaceuticals are grossly over-prescribed and over-
used.  The side effects are frequently as bad, if not worse, than the
condition being treated.  That is not practicing common sense.

Beyond that, when multiple medications are combined in a way that was
never intended, the results can be devastating for your health.  This is so
common that there's even a word for it.  It is called

There is a much better way to promote overall health than to ingest a
multitude of drugs each day which frequently treat only the symptoms  of
our illnesses.  

Conventional wisdom says that you should do everything your doctor
tells you to do.  We believe that you should listen to your doctor, but also
use the common sense that God gave you.  If your doctor only gives you
drugs that treat your symptoms, you should ask questions about how to
treat the root causes.  That is practicing common sense healthcare.

Our unconventional content will always come from either our personal
experiences with homeopathic-type healthcare or from well researched
alternative health practices.  We believe that diet and nutrition are the
cornerstones of good health.

Read our disclaimer.  Some of the healthcare articles that we share deal
with practices that are not approved by agencies that monitor health
claims.  We are not licensed healthcare providers and, as our disclaimer
states, we do not practice medicine.  As we mentioned, you should think
for yourself and use the common sense that God gave you and make well-
informed decisions about your own healthcare.

New ideas from our readers are always welcome.  If you have any unique
treatments for ailment or conditions that have worked for you,
we would love to hear your story.  Or, if you have any questions for us,
drop us a note.

Again, welcome to our unconventional health website.  It’s our sincere
desire that you enjoy our common sense healthcare articles and that they
help you improve your overall health and quality of life.

If you find our articles helpful, please recommend us to your friends.

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