Cold Sore Outbreak - Update March 30, 2010

In my last article, I told you that I had not experienced an outbreak in over
2 years.  Actually, some time has passed since I wrote that article and it's
been close to 3 years now.  I thought that the cold sores were completely

Well, I had one show up 2 days ago.  But, I don't think that's such a
disaster and let me tell you why.

I destroyed the cold sore in 36 hours!!

Yes, I was a little disappointed that the nasty
little critter came back.  But, I am
to have one more opportunity to prove that
this treatment works.

Let me tell you exactly what happened.

Two days ago, around Noon, I felt a small bump on my face just below my
lip.  It was not tingling yet but I recognized the hard bump that was
forming as a new cold sore.

Right away I got out the Lip Clear Lysine+ and the DMSO.  I applied the
Lysine and rubbed it in for about 30 seconds.  Then I dabbed on a little

I set the timer for 2 hours and re-applied the treatment 3 more times at
2 hour intervals before going to bed that night.  The next day (yesterday)  
I applied the treatment a few more times.  When I got up this morning, it

About 6 or 8 treatments over 1-1/2 days and the cold sore was completely
healed.  It never broke out into an open sore and there was no pain as all.  
In my opinion, that's a miracle!

I hate to use the word miracle because when something sounds too good
to be true, it's usually just that - too good to be true.  But this is just
amazing.  I am way past excited!

If you suffer from cold sores, please try this and let me know if you get the
same results.  It's relatively inexpensive (about $20) and well worth trying.

Once you have given it a try - please, please, please do me a favor.  Write
to me and let me know if you get the same fabulous results.  I would like to
get some comments that I can share with other readers.  I promise to keep
your name confidential.

Lip Clear Lysine+ can be found at most pharmacies or you can find it
on-line by clicking on the link above or the photo on the right.

DMSO is a little harder to find so I recommend buying it on-line from
Remedies.  Again, you can click the link or the photo on the right.

I hope you find the same fantastic results that I've found.  And please
write to me and let me know how it goes.  You can drop me a note by

PS - before you use the DMSO, please read my
first article and the
warnings about DMSO.  It's safe when handled properly but you need to
understand the product before proceeding.  

Mainly, be sure that your hands are clean and you have
removed all makeup before applying the DMSO to your face.  It's a fabulous
solvent and allows anything it touches to penetrate the skin.  You don't
want makeup or hand cream inside your body.

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Lip Clear Lysine +

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