Cold Sore Outbreaks and My Cold Sore Miracle

If you’ve ever suffered with cold sore outbreaks, I don’t have to tell you
how embarrassing it is to have one of these little suckers on the outside
of your lip.  Not to mention how painful they are!

Cold sores or fever blisters are caused by a
virus called Herpes Simplex.  There are actually
2 strains of this virus (type I and type II) and
I’ve read that as many as 85% of the world’s
population has been infected with at least one
or the other.  The virus will lie dormant in
your cells until an outbreak is triggered and
then it flares up for a few weeks before going
dormant again.

Cold sore outbreaks can be triggered by stress, fever, sun exposure,
menstruation, dental work, etc.  It seems that some type of trauma
actually sets off the outbreak.  I’ve suffered with cold sore outbreaks for
over 20 years and I think
my outbreaks were always caused by stress.

The good news is that
I’ve discovered a way to get rid of these little
 To the best of my knowledge, I have actually prevented any more
cold sore outbreaks.  Or, at a minimum, reduced the number of events.

Experts say that this virus will stay in your body for life.  But, it can also be
perpetually dormant.  I previously had a couple of cold sore outbreaks per
year.  Now it has been
over 2 years since my last outbreak.  Not a single
cold sore has cropped up on the edge of my lip after I used the treatment
described below.


You know how those attorneys can be.  Even though I’m just one guy
trying to help as many people as possible, I have to protect myself by
stating that this is in no way medical advice.  

I’m not a doctor and I’m not practicing medicine.  I’m telling you what
worked for me and what I’ve experienced.  You should check with your
medical professional before trying any remedies that I describe.

Many Natural Remedies

If you search the internet, you will find a number of natural remedies for
cold sore outbreaks.  Some of these include lysine, resveratrol, peppermint
oil, tea tree oil, and even some immune boosters like reishi mushrooms.  

I tried peppermint oil and tea tree oil but neither seemed to help any.  
I just had greasy skin on top of my blossoming cold sore.  And, they are
very hot oils and they irritated the already sensitive skin.  Then, once the
sore got worse, there was no way I was going to increase the pain by
applying peppermint or tea tree oil to an open cold sore.

I also tried topical lysine cream, but the lysine only seemed to help a little.  
I used the lysine cream several times each day and it did seem to shorten
the cold sore outbreak by a couple of days.  I tried the lysine cream
because of some research that I did and it has been shown to significantly
reduce the length of cold sore outbreaks from an average of 14 days to
only 4 days.  That was not my experience but I do believe that it shortened
the outbreak by 2 or 3 days.

Then, I had a breakthrough idea that really worked.  In fact, it worked so
well that
I was astonished!  It was a combination approach.

What Actually Worked

Since the lysine cream had shown some promise,
it got my attention. It seemed to me that if the
virus lived deep inside the tissue, applying lysine
to the surface would only do so much good.  
Unless it penetrated deep into the tissue, it was
only a partial solution.

It was then that I remembered the product DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide).  
This is a solvent that can sometimes be found in health food stores.  The
unique property of this product is that it will dissolve just about anything
and also causes it to pass through the skin into the cells of the tissue.  
Kinda cool but you can imagine it’s also dangerous if not handled properly.  
I’ll address that in a moment.

My breakthrough idea was to use the lysine cream at the first sign of
a cold sore outbreak and also apply the DMSO to drive the active
ingredients of the cream into the depths of the cold sore.  So, I had the
products on hand and at the very beginning of the next cold sore
outbreak.  I applied the lysine cream and followed up right away by dabbing
on a little of the DMSO on the budding cold sore.  I also repeated the
treatment the following morning.

Guess what!  The little tingling bump that signaled a new cold sore
outbreak actually
disappeared without ever erupting into a full blown cold
!  This was absolutely amazing!!  It took about 2 days from the first
treatment to completely go away instead of the normal 7 days of getting
worse followed by 7 more days of healing.

I was shocked beyond belief at how well this treatment worked.  I had to
wonder if it was a fluke.  Could it be that this particular cold sore outbreak
was never destined to bloom into a full-blown cold sore?  

That had never been the case before.  Once an outbreak began, I had
never seen it arrested and stopped in it’s tracks before.  It always goes
through the full process.  You know cold sores are – the initial bump with
some tingling which grows worse and worse until it breaks out into all it’s
painful glory.  Then, after a few days it begins to heal which can take a
week for the pain to go away and another week for all the symptoms to
completely disappear.

But this time it was definitely nothing short of a miracle.  It never even got
to the painful stage!  So, I had to prove it to myself if it really was the
miracle that I thought it was.  I had to wait for another cold sore outbreak
to begin which took a number of months.  

At the first hint of the next telltale tingling bump on my lip, I applied the
treatment about 2 or 3 times and it was gone in 2 days.  
Never to appear
!  Since then, as I mentioned, I’ve not had a single cold sore
outbreak in over 2 years.

I told some friends about this miracle and I’ve tested it on some of them
with the same results.  One of my wife’s friends has a 10 year old daughter
who had frequent cold sore outbreaks.  She suffered from them every
couple of months.  During one outbreak, my wife’s friend brought her
daughter over to our house to try my new discovery.  Her daughter was
suffering greatly.  

Well, I’m sure you can guess what happened.  It’s not like the wounds
healed right in front of my eyes but her open wound dried up by the next
day and healed completely within a few days.  Her cold sore outbreak had
progressed past the point of opening into an open wound before we began
treating it but the treatment still stopped the cold sore immediately.

Where To Find It
I don’t sell these products but I can tell you exactly what I used and where
you can find the products.  It will cost you about $25 to get the lysine
cream and the DMSO but that’s a small price to get the kind of relief that
I experienced .

The particular lysine that I used is called
Lip Clear
Lysine+ and it’s made by Quantum.  I recommend
using this exact brand because it’s actually a blend
of 14 ingredients including many of the other
natural remedies for cold sores.  In addition to
lysine it also includes zinc oxide (zinc inhibits
viruses), propolis which is clinically proved to be
deadly to the herpes virus, tea tree oil, goldenseal,
echinacea, etc.  I’m giving credit to the lysine for killing the cold sore but it
could be that it’s another of the ingredients or the combination of them.  
It’s a fact that there can be a synergy between multiple products.  Why
take a chance on something that may not work.  This is what really worked
for me.

The next thing I used is the DMSO.  Before I tell you how to find this
product, let me offer a warning.  If you mis-handle DMSO, it can be slightly
hazardous.  Let me explain.

This is a great solvent and it will dissolve many different products and as
you handle the DMSO, it will cause them to pass through your skin.  So, if
your hands are contaminated when you touch the DMSO, the contaminates
will go directly through your skin.

For example, if you put hand lotion on before handling the DMSO, the
residual lotion will pass through your skin and your immune system will
have to deal with the foreign substance that just showed up in your body.  
Hand lotion is designed to be
on your skin – not in your bloodstream.  

So, be smart and properly wash your hands carefully before using DMSO.  
This stuff is a top notch solvent .  Clean your hands well before handling
the DMSO and use this product with a healthy respect for what it can do.  
It’s truly a remarkable product but use it with caution.  

However, don’t be afraid of it either.  It’s
completely non-toxic by itself as
long as you use the pharmaceutical grade product.  It’s been used for
decades to treat the sore muscles of race horses.  Not that you should be
compared to a horse but do you think that a professional trainer is going
to use something toxic on his multi-million dollar race horse?  

This product is closely related to MSM which is well know and widely used
for joint pain.  In fact, when DMSO is oxidized, it becomes MSM.

When I bought my DMSO, I found it in a health food store.  However, you
may not find it at a store near you as it’s not commonly carried at retail
locations.  The reason is because of this little disclaimer that I feel
compelled to include:

    It is unlawful to represent in any way that DMSO is useful or
    safe for various medicinal purposes.  I am only sharing my
    personal story and I cannot recommend that you use DMSO
    for anything other than a solvent.

has been approved by the FDA for treatment of Interstitial Cystitis
which is inflammation of the bladder wall.  It's a problem that is relatively
common.  While DMSO is not FDA approved for other treatments, it is
commonly used for pain and swelling.

If you would like to purchase DMSO online, you can go to and do a search for DMSO.  They have several
sizes to choose from.  I shopped around and I found that the pricing
varied a lot from one site to the next.  This site has some bargain prices.  
Some places charge 3 times as much!

I’ve had a 4oz bottle for years and it’s still full.  I only used a dab each
time.  Also, I have the 99% solution which worked well for me but the
90% or 70% strengths are good too.  Consider using a weaker solution
if you have sensitive skin.  The 99% solution burns on sensitive skin.

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I can’t practice medicine and I can not
advise that you use DMSO for anything other than a solvent.  But, the
relief from cold sore outbreaks that I’ve experienced is
That’s a fact.

Best wishes for good health and a life without cold sores.


March 30, 2010 Update -
 Read this update.    It's amazing!!

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