Egg White Protein

Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly about eggwhite protein.  You have
likely heard that egg whites are a great source of protein.  It’s true.  It’s a
fact that egg whites (also known as albumin) are one of the
best sources
of bioavailable protein.  The protein in eggs is top quality.

However, that only applies to
cooked eggs.  If you scramble eggs or hard
boil eggs, they are a near perfect food.  But uncooked eggwhite (albumin)
contains a protein called avidin.

Avidin is not toxic but it strongly binds with biotin which is a crucial B-
vitamin.  Avidin will rob your body of the biotin that it needs.  With
continued daily consumption of raw egg protein, you will begin to
experience health issues within a matter of several weeks.  The resulting
health problems will grow continuously worse and become very serious
over time.

The bottom line is that cooked egg white protein is great but a steady diet
of raw egg protein is dangerous to your health.

Egg White Protein Powder
The whole topic of consuming raw egg whites is a non-issue for most of
us.  Most of us cook our eggs and eating raw eggs sounds disgusting.

However, there is a group of us who are very concerned with getting
enough protein in our diet.  It’s of the highest importance to bodybuilders
to get high quality protein and lots of it.  Personally, I’m not a bodybuilder.  
But I do understand the importance of raw un-denatured protein for the
purpose maintaining good health.

Some people like use a blender to make protein shakes and sometimes
they throw in a few eggs.  Sounds like a good idea but it’s not good for
you.  It’s OK once in a while but not daily.  The good news is that it’s now
more common for athletes to use egg white protein powder instead of raw

So, is egg white protein powder good for you?  The answer is “Yes” –
if the eggs are pasteurized.  By heating the eggs during the pasteurization
process, the avidin is denatured and it will not bind with biotin.

Most egg white protein powders are made from pasteurized eggs and the
products are safe.  However, just because they are safe to consume does
not mean that they are the best source of high quality protein.

If you are interested in maximum muscle growth or optimum health,
must understand this.  Un-denatured raw protein is much,
much better for you than denatured protein.

Un-denatured means that it has not been changed from it’s natural state
through processing.  In other words, the protein is raw and undamaged.  

The normal pasteurization process denatures proteins by applying heat to
the product.  That creates a lower quality protein.

What’s Better Than Egg White Protein Powder?
The simple answer to the question of what’s better than egg white protein
powder is this… un-denatured whey protein powder.  

I’ve written other articles about the benefits of whey protein and I’ve
described the benefits of un-denatured whey protein in great detail.  
Instead of repeating it all, please visit my article that gives you the rest
of the details.

It’s important for your health that you learn the latest nutritional science
regarding protein.  

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