Gingivitis and Dental Health - Cure Receding Gums and
Gum Disease

We all know that dental health is important.  Brush your teeth twice daily,
floss and get your teeth cleaned twice a year to remove any plaque.  

That’s the basics of good dental health.  But, what if I could
prove to you
that brushing, flossing, checkups and removing plaque is not nearly
enough to prevent gingivitis, receding gums, and gum disease (also know
as periodontal disease)?

Well, I
can prove it.  Here’s an easy test that you can do at home.  Brush
your teeth really well and then rinse with your favorite mouthwash.  Floss,
rinse again.  Be absolutely sure that your teeth are as clean as you can get

Now, rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide.  Swish it around like
mouthwash for a couple of seconds and then spit it out.  (Please don’t

You will be amazed at what happens next.  You will instantly feel the
foaming action in your mouth.  Smile real big and look in the mirror at your
teeth.  See all the foaming action around your teeth and gums?  

That’s the hydrogen peroxide killing millions of germs left behind
from your best attempt at oral health!

That's right. All this time you thought you
were getting your teeth clean, practicing
good dental health, and preventing
gingivitis and gum disease.  

This article is about what you need to do to
prevent and actually reverse gingivitis, receding
gums,  and gum disease.  Whether you have
problems already or you just want to prevent
problems in the future.  Daily dental hygiene is
critically important for your overall health.

Why Do I Care?

I hate to admit this because it’s a little embarrassing.  But, for about
a year I suffered from swollen, painful gums.  In fact, I had bleeding gums.  
I was puzzled and tried numerous “fixes” but nothing helped.

The dentist had been telling me for 2 years that I had receding gums but I
never had any gum pain until the past year.  He recommended that I floss
more frequently but brushing better and flossing more often did not help
my bleeding and painful gums.

My gums were increasingly sore and they would bleed every time I brushed
my teeth – it was getting worse.  You can imagine how concerned I was
every time I saw that red toothbrush.  Not to mention how painful it was to
scrub that toothbrush over my sore and bleeding gums.

I was desperate to find a cure for my painful gums.  One thing that helped
a little was to use mouthwash both in the morning and at night.  My habit
had previously been to only use mouthwash in the morning.  So, that
helped a little.

My Breakthrough

When I found that using mouthwash twice each day helped a little, I began
to think about how germs might be causing my gum irritation.  It made
sense that a wet toothbrush would be the perfect breeding ground for
germs.  So, I poured a little hydrogen peroxide over what looked like a
clean toothbrush.  What a surprise!  It foamed like crazy.

In case you don’t know, hydrogen peroxide only foams when it’s oxidizing
something.  In this case, when it’s killing germs.  Try pouring a little into
your hand - it will just sit there like water.  But, pour it onto a wound and
it comes to life as it kills germs.

So, I started cleaning my toothbrush each day with hydrogen peroxide to
see if it could help get rid of gingivitis.  Amazingly, my gingivitis symptoms
got quite a bit better.  But, it did not solve the problem.  It was only when
I took the next step that my gum disease went away completely.

Hydrogen Peroxide For Oral Health

The final solution that I found was to brush with hydrogen peroxide
instead of toothpaste.  This completely healed my gingivitis and gum pain
within about 2 weeks!  I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to be done with
the bleeding gums, the gum pain and the fear that something worse was

Here’s how I was able to get rid of gingivitis.  I pour a little hydrogen
peroxide on my toothbrush and brush one quarter of my mouth (top right
or top left, etc.).  Then I rinse the toothbrush, pour a little more hydrogen
peroxide on the toothbrush and brush another fourth of my teeth.  Repeat
until all four areas are done.

Once more, I pour some on the toothbrush and brush my tongue.  Then I
use hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash and then a final rinse with water.

Of course, the hydrogen peroxide foams a lot so you have to spit several
times while brushing.  Also, it does not taste really good at first but, if you
stick with it for a couple of weeks, you will not even notice the taste
anymore.  I promise.  

Another method I’ve tried is to put my toothbrush in a cup after I’m done
brushing (bristles down) and pour enough hydrogen peroxide into the cup
to cover the bristles.  I leave it to soak until I brush again.  I like this
method because of the longer contact with the hydrogen peroxide.  Also,
after brushing, I use what’s left in the cup as a mouthwash.

Here’s a little hint, if the taste bothers you at first, rinse with water after
you are done and then use a little mouthwash.  Over the course of a few
weeks, you will get used to the taste of the hydrogen peroxide.  By the
way, this is a good way to get rid of whatever mouthwash you have left
over because you will not be needing it anymore.  

Also, in addition to getting rid of gingivitis, you can cure any problems with
bad breath.  Bad breath is caused by germs and hydrogen peroxide is
much better at killing germs than any mouthwash.  That should be obvious
to you after taking the little test that I described at the beginning of this

I’m Cheap!

And here’s a little more good news.  You will be saving money!  Instead of
spending money on toothpaste and mouthwash, you will only need to buy
hydrogen peroxide which – ounce for ounce - costs about one fourth as
much as mouthwash.  

I have a couple of pint bottles that I use and I refill them every few weeks.  
You can buy a couple of pint bottles of hydrogen peroxide for about 69
cents each.  Then, when they are both empty, you can refill them by buying
a quart size bottle of hydrogen peroxide for about a dollar.  How’s that for
cheap dental care?

Whiter Teeth And Fresh Breath

How about a few more benefits?  Using hydrogen peroxide every day will
gradually whiten your teeth.  What do you think is in those teeth whitening
products?  Simply a stronger version of hydrogen peroxide.  

Teeth whitening is a big industry these days and using hydrogen peroxide
for your daily dental health could save you some money on teeth whitening

Also, we all know that bad breath is usually caused by germs.  Right?  Then
killing more germs with hydrogen peroxide than with your old mouthwash
should be more effective at helping with bad breath.

Here’s a quote from the USDA website on hydrogen peroxide to help with
bad breath –

What About Safety?

Good question.  First of all, don’t swallow hydrogen peroxide.  It won’t
poison you but you’ve seen how it foams in your mouth, right?  Imagine
what it would do in your stomach.  It would be like swallowing an Alka-
Seltzer tablet.  

Another concern that I’ve read about is where dentists have told their
patients that hydrogen peroxide will react with gold fillings.  This is
ridiculous.  Gold is almost completely inert  and does not react easily with
chemicals.  Why do you think it’s popular for fillings?  Also, if hydrogen
peroxide reacts badly with fillings, why do dentists use it everyday as a
teeth whitening product for their patients?

If your dentist has any reservations, refer him to this article in the
of Dentistry.  Or, you can ask him about Colgate Peroxyl which is a product
that contains hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, mint flavor and a sweetener.  

In fact, you can use
Colgate Peroxyl instead of hydrogen peroxide if you
are put off too much by the taste.  But, I promise you, you will get used to
the taste of hydrogen peroxide in a few weeks.  And,
Colgate Peroxyl is
about $6 per bottle instead of $1 per bottle.

One caution that I need to make is that you should
only use a 3% or 3-
1/2% solution
of hydrogen peroxide to treat gingivitis.  If you buy it at
the grocery store or a local pharmacy, that’s probably the only kind you will
find on the shelf.  

However, some health food stores may carry it as a 25% solution.  Don’t
buy this type.  It’s dangerous to handle if you don’t know what you are
doing.  Other than this one caution, hydrogen peroxide is completely safe
as a 3% solution for use as a mouthwash and for treating gingivitis.

Another Health Benefit

It is reported that oral health and heart health are directly linked.  It has
been shown that heart disease is either caused or made worse when the
bacteria in the mouth invade the bloodstream.  

The exact method of how heart disease is made worse by oral bacteria is
not completely understood.  However, the evidence shows that people with
gum disease are
twice as likely to suffer from heart disease as those
without gum disease.

The deciding factor is not what
kind of bacteria you have in your mouth but
number of bacteria.  Having some bacteria in the mouth is normal.  
But, a higher number of bacteria in the mouth is directly linked to a greater
chance of heart problems.

You can read more at the following link:

I Swear By This Toothbrush

As a final note, I have to tell you about my toothbrush.  It’s nothing new.  
I’ve been using it for 3 or 4 years and I absolutely love it!

I use the
Sonicare Essence.  Sonicare has a full line of toothbrushes and I
have to warn you that they are kind of expensive.  I bought the cheapest
model that they make (I told you I’m cheap).  

I hesitated for a few months before buying one because of the price but
I’m telling you that the first time I used it ...
I was amazed.

I’ve had other electric toothbrushes before (an Oral B) and it did not come
anywhere close to the Sonicare.

Do you remember how smooth and clean your teeth feel after you get
a professional cleaning?  There’s nothing quite like it.  Well, when I used
my Sonicare for the first time, I got the same smooth feeling on my teeth.  
I could not believe it!

Now, I’m sure that brushing with a Sonicare is not as good as a
professional cleaning.  But, I’ve been so impressed with mine that I
had to take the opportunity to tell you about it.  Sorry to sound like
a Sonicare salesman but I believe in this product.

If you’re cheap like me - think about it.  If you don’t suffer from the same
penny pinching phobia that I do, you owe it to yourself to get one of these.

Before we move on, I want to say that I’m not knocking the
toothbrush.  It’s just that I had the older oscillating type Oral-B.  Their
newer ultrasonic models may be as good as the Sonicare.  I've just never
tried one.

Toothbrush Sanitizers

There’s one more type of product that I recently discovered that I wanted
to point out.  I’ve never used a UV toothbrush cleaner but it’s worth

There are several brands of UV toothbrush cleaners on the market.  I can’t
recommend one over another but it’s another option that you might be
interested in exploring.  

They work by exposing the bristles of the toothbrush to ultraviolet light
which kills the germs.  Sounds like a great idea.  

A Few More Links

If you are still having some doubts about using hydrogen peroxide for your
dental care, I’ve done lots of research that I can share with you.  

Here are a few quotes that I’ve found from some authoritative government
sources -


If you’ve ever suffered from painful bleeding gums, you know how
important it is to fix this problem.  

If you’ve never suffered from any type of dental problems, be thankful.  
But, please try the test that I described above to prove to yourself that
there is more that can be done to prevent dental problems in the future.

If you are not using hydrogen peroxide daily as part of your daily routine,
you can easily improve your oral health and prevent gum disease.  It’s
inexpensive and very effective.

Here’s to your dental health.  Cheers!


January 23, 2010 Update - In today's news:

Mother’s gum disease linked to infant's death.  
Pregnant woman's gingivitis caused baby to be stillborn.

Whoopi Goldberg on The View November 4, 2008

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