Itchy Bug Bites – How To Stop The Itch Fast

We all know what it’s like to get an itchy bug bite.  I know that I’ve had
plenty of bites that itch.  Especially mosquito bites!

Well, I have good news for you.  I’ve found a fast and easy way to stop
the itch with something that almost everyone has in their home.

As soon as the bug bite starts to itch, run to your bathroom and get out
the antiperspirant.  Rub some on that itchy bug bite and you should get
almost instant relief.

It’s worked for me many times and as recently as yesterday.  When that
itchy bug bite showed up on my arm, I knew that I needed to write about
this easy and effective home remedy for bites that itch!

Note: you must use antiperspirant and not just deodorant.  It’s the
antiperspirant ingredient in your deodorant that does the trick.

Hints From Heloise?
Actually, I discovered this little trick when I was a kid.  One particular
summer we had a huge abundance of mosquitoes and no shortage of
mosquito bites.  With over a dozen mosquito bites driving me insane,
I started trying everything in the medicine cabinet to see what would

I tried toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, lipstick, and anything else I could find.  
Nothing helped until I tried some antiperspirant.  Once I found that
it worked, it took some additional trial and error over a few years to
realize that it was the aluminium chlorohydrate that was doing the trick.  
I figured this out when I realized that simple deodorants did not work.

Deodorants and Antiperspirants
Aluminium chlorohydrate is a common ingredient in commercial
antiperspirants.  I don’t recommend using it every day as it has been
reported to lead to the systemic accumulation of aluminum which increases
the risk of Alzheimer's.  Some also believe that it can lead to breast cancer
but this has not been proven.

Personally, I use an antiperspirant only every other day and on the
alternating days I use a crystal deodorant that is made from natural
mineral salts and alum.  I find that the daily use of the mineral salts is
not completely effective but alternating products every other day gives
great results.  And, it cuts my aluminum exposure in half.

It’s an interesting fact that aluminum is one of the few abundant elements
that seems to have no benefit to living organisms.  And, one of the main
by-products of aluminum smelting is fluoride, which is downright
poisonous.  Hummm… something to avoid if possible.

So the bottom line is that whether you use traditional antiperspirants or
not, keep some around for the occasional itchy bug bite.  I can’t tell you
how it works but I can tell you that it does work!  And, it works fast!

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