Kickboxing is Great Exercise

If you remember the Tae Bo craze of 20 years ago, then you know that the
creator Billy Blanks was on to something.  Kickboxing is a fabulous workout.

You can improve your health and get a tremendously fit body by doing a
kickboxing training session once each week.  This is a great way to
strengthen your body, improve your endurance and also to gain
confidence.  Boxing workouts, if done properly with good instruction, can
help you to be in your best fighting form as well.  Great exercise and
excellent self defense – a double bonus.

Other advantages include stronger and more defined arms and legs.  These
classes also give you a sense of inner strength and help you improve your
balance and agility.

Cardio-boxing classes will teach you the variations of jabs, power punches,
and various kicks.  Initially, you will learn the proper execution of the punch
and kick combinations.  Once you get the basics down, you are ready for a
high-intensity workout.

Some classes will have you working with an imagined opponent.  Other
gyms will have equipment such as punching bags and you may also have
the option of getting a partner with hand pads.

Depending on the intensity level, you can look forward to burning through
more than 500 calories per hour.  However, you will need to be in excellent
condition to do a full hour of kickboxing.  It’s a tough workout.  But, don’t
worry, it’s easy to modify your intensity level and you can work your way
up in intensity as your conditioning improves.

As I mentioned, kickboxing entered the mainstream of physical fitness
training about 20 years ago.  Tae Bo workout videos were selling like
crazy.  Today, you can find a heavy bag and some instruction at almost
any gym.  However, I recommend that you get some initial training from a
well-qualified coach for a few weeks or months before going it alone.

The purpose of getting some good instruction is not just to teach you the
moves but also to prevent injury.  If you are working with a heavy bag,
learn how to wrap your hands and learn what type of bag gloves you
should wear.  Also, you will learn to not snap your elbow to a hyper-
extended position when punching.  This is a quick way to create a painful
injury and it can be completely avoided with a little good advice.

Bottom line – it’s a great workout that can be modified to fit your
conditioning.  It has added benefits of a little self-defense, and improved
balance and agility.  It’s not for everyone but you might be surprised how
much you like it.  Give it a try and see if it has a place in your fitness

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