Life Cleanse: Warning! Not all Life Cleanse Products
Are The Same!

Consumer warning – Be careful ordering Life Cleanse products.  

If you do an internet search for the words “Life Cleanse”, you will see
results that can easily fool you.

This is important because some products that you will see when searching
for Life Cleanse are legitimate - and some are not.  You need to know how
to tell the difference.

I spent many hours researching the multiple scam websites that you might
run across when searching for Life Cleanse.  Let me explain what I learned.

When you search the internet, the search engines do their best to
interpret what you are trying to find.  When you search the term “Life
Cleanse”, you will get results for
Renew Life – Cleanse Smart and Renew
Life – Cleanse More
.  The brand name is Renew Life and the products are
Cleanse Smart and Cleanse More.  These are both good colon cleanse

However, here is the problem.  You will also get search results for a
product that is actually called “Life Cleanse”.  The company that promotes
this product has a
very bad reputation!

They also sell colon cleanse products under many other names on a
multitude of websites.  Here are a few examples.

                                                       Life Cleanse with the "Chinese
                                                       characters logo"

                                                        Life Cleanse with the "leaf logo"

                                                        Clear Body Colon Cleanse -
                                                        same company

                                                        Evercleanse Colon Cleanse -
                                                        same company


A colon cleanse is a good thing to do occasionally.  However, watch out for
the numerous scams on the internet.  

Most products that you can buy in your local health food store are just as
good, they cost less, and they will work just fine.  However, many of these
colon cleanse products are mainly just psyllium (also known as ispaghula)
and that stuff is horrible to drink.

My recommendation is to get some water soluble fiber or some fiber tablets
from the grocery store.  Use these on a regular basis.  Better yet, eat
foods high in fiber every day.  Believe it or not, some of them really taste

Then, if you want to do an occasional colon flush, use some Epsom salts.  
Here’s my recipe.  One tablespoon of Epsom salt in 1 cup of water.  Stir
until dissolved and add the juice from half of a lemon.  Chug it down fast
and chase it with some fresh water.  Try doing this once each month and
you won’t have to worry about doing a colon cleanse.

Here’s to keeping things clean on the inside.  Cheers!

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