SOD and Fibrosis

If you have read my other article on muscle adhesions, you will know that
I’ve struggled with pain in my legs over the past few years.  I found a lot of
relief  from the pain through myofascial techniques described in that article.

But there is more good news.  I have recently learned how the antioxidant
SOD can actually
reverse fibrosis!  That’s the kind of news I like to hear.

What is fibrosis?
Quite simply, fibrosis is when your body deposits too much connective
tissue either in your muscles or around your organs.  To quote Wikipedia;

You have likely heard of cystic fibrosis which is a disease of  the lungs.  
It’s similar to having a very bad case of bronchitis that never goes away.

But this excess connective tissue does not only appear in the lungs.  
Excess connective tissue can turn up almost
anywhere in your body and
will cause problems.  It's especially common after surgery where the
healing process goes a little overboard.

Many women suffer from fibroid tumors in their uterus which can be painful
and cause numerous problems.  Also, radiation treatments for cancer can
also cause a buildup of fibrous tissue - especially after treatments for
breast cancer.

My specific issue with fibrosis is in my leg muscles.  In my younger years I
did a lot of weigh lifting and strength training.  From my research, it
appears that this may have led to my current condition.  

The excess connective tissue is not concentrated in tumors in my legs.  
In fact, there are no lumps at all.  Rather, the excess connective tissue is
spread throughout the entire muscle – especially in my calves.  This type
of fibrosis is described as
muscle adhesions.

The Latest Good News
As I discussed in my previous article, I’ve been able to reduce the painful
symptoms of my muscle adhesions.  The only problem is that the massage
techniques only help for a day or two.  Then more massage is required to
treat the problem.  While the pain relief is great news, I wish I had a more
permanent cure.

Well, guess what?  From some recent research, I’ve learned that the
antioxidant SOD can actually
reverse fibrosis!  Here is another quote from

If you want to read the abstract of the actual study, you can find it
(Watch out – lots of biochemistry jargon)

How Much Can It Help?
While I don’t know how much help SOD will offer for sufferers of a serious
condition like cystic fibrosis, I have hope that it can help a much less
serious condition like mine.

I wish that I had a personal testimony of how effective SOD is on my
muscle adhesions.  The truth is that this is such a recent discovery, I have
not yet received my SOD.  And, once I get it, I don’t expect it to be an
overnight cure.

But, I do promise you this – I will report back in a few months and give you
the results.  For now, you may want to try SOD if you have on-going
trouble with any type of fibrosis.  

After all, SOD is a fabulous antioxidant and it only costs a few dollars per
month.  I see absolutely no downside.


8/06/10 Update - I received my SOD today and my personal trial will
begin right away.  Check back in a month or two for another update.

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Fibrosis is the formation or development of excess
fibrous connective tissue in an organ or tissue.
SOD is used in cosmetic products to reduce free
radical damage to skin, for example to reduce fibrosis
following radiation for breast cancer....

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is known to reverse
fibrosis, perhaps through reversion of myofibroblasts
back to fibroblasts.
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