Serrapeptase Benefits for Heart Health

Serrapeptase for Heart Health – Repairing the Scars of
Atherosclerosis - What is Serrapeptase?

Serrapeptase is becoming very well known as a fabulous anti-
inflammatory. However, there is another serrapeptase benefit beyond
dealing with chronic inflammation that has not received the attention
that it deserves.

Serrapeptase can also help prevent heart attacks and cardiovascular
disease. If you are prone to any type of heart disease, you should be
asking, "what is serrapeptase?" and you need to learn more about
the multiple serrapeptase benefits.

What Is Serrapeptase?  

Serrapeptase is an enzyme that was discovered in the 1960’s while
studying silkworms. When a silkworm is ready to leave the cocoon,
it dissolves a hole in the cocoon with a digestive enzyme - serrapeptase.

It was soon discovered how this serrapeptase enzyme worked. 
The serrapeptase enzyme has a unique ability to dissolve dead material
made of protein without harming any living tissue. The ability of
serrapeptase to melt away dead protein is a huge benefit of this
product and it can be useful in many ways.

Most fibrous materials in the body are made of proteins.  These fibrous
materials are necessary for our bodies to function properly.  They help the
body recovery from injury by clotting blood and forming scabs and scar
tissue when we are injured.  However, when these same fibrous materials
out-live their purpose or are over-grown, they can cause some serious

The serrapeptase enzyme has been found to be useful in a variety of
situations. Some of these serrapeptase benefits include:

• Treating pain and swelling from surgery or injuries;
• Treating Carpel Tunnel;
• Dissolving scar tissue;
• Reducing the pain from fibroid tumors;
• Helping with ear, nose, and throat problems;
• Dissolving blood clots;
• Improving the effectiveness of antibiotics;
• Helping with coronary artery disease by dissolving plaque.

Each of these benefits deserves attention but this article will focus on the
miraculous way that
serrapeptase can actually reverse coronary artery
disease without any serrapeptase side effects.  

Serrapeptase Benefits for Heart Disease

When you hear the term “heart disease”, what do you think of?  There are
several heart problems that can be called heart disease but we primarily
think of coronary artery disease where plaque builds up in the arteries.  

This is also called atherosclerosis or “hardening of the arteries” where the
walls of the arteries become stiff and brittle.

As the arteries become clogged with plaque and progressively narrower,
the result is that the blood pressure rises and the heart works harder.  
Eventually, the blood flow is sufficiently reduced to the point that the result
is a heart attack.

Obviously, nobody wants this and avoiding a heart attack is critically
important.  And, no one wants the side effects of the common
pharmaceuticals. So, what can be done?

There is some disagreement about what causes the plaque to form in your
arteries.  But, however it happens, there is something you can do to help
remove any existing deposits.  

The serrapeptase enzyme has been proven to dissolve non-living
tissue and leave any living tissue alone.  It can safely remove the
fatty deposits and fibrin buildup on the inside of your arteries
without any side effects.  The dissolved deposits flush harmlessly
out of your body!

There are many, many articles that you can reference about the benefits
of serrapeptase and the mounting evidence that it has multiple health

Get The Right Serrapeptase Supplement

As you begin to search the internet about serrapeptase benefits, you will
quickly find that there are many serratase supplement brands on the market.
How do you choose the best one?

First of all, you have to realize that serrapeptase will not survive the acid in
your stomach very well.  It is critically important that you get a product
that is
enteric coated that will allow it to pass through the stomach
before dissolving.  Otherwise, you are wasting your time and money.
Choosing an enteric coated serrapeptase eliminates over half of the products
on the market.

The next consideration is getting the best value.  There is a wide range of
potencies and prices among the various brands.  You will find a range of
potency from 10,000 IU’s to 80,000 IU’s.  

I’ve done a lot of searching and the best product and pricing that I’ve
found is at  This product has a very high potency
(80,000 IU’s) and it's enteric coated.  I’ve personally used this brand for
more than 5 years and I’m totally satisfied with the company and the

The Rest Of The Story

It’s only fair that I give you the full story on what to expect.  When
serrapeptase is used for inflammation and pain control, the effects are
almost immediate.  There are thousands of testimonies to be found on
the web of those who have found success in controlling their pain with
serrapeptase. The serrapeptase benefits have been clinically proven to be

However, regarding clearing blocked arteries, the process is
immediate.  Dr. Hans Nieper, one of the early researchers of serrapeptase,
claimed that completely clearing major obstructions in arteries can take up
to 18 months of daily treatment. That may sound like a long time –
but consider how long it took for those deposits to form.

Actually, there is a faster way.  You could do some other type of IV
chelation therapy but intravenous chelation is very expensive.  One of the
best benefits of serrapeptase is that it's very cost effective.  Also, it's
one of the most effective oral chelation therapies ever discovered and, it
does not deplete your body’s supply of minerals like other chelation

So, if you don’t mind keeping with the program for an extended period,
reversing cardiovascular disease with serrapeptase is a great idea.  
Day by day as you take your serrapeptase, your arteries will be
continuously improving.  Day by day you will be one step further from
a cardo disaster.

And remember, cardiovascular disease does not happen overnight.  
Why should reversing the condition be any different?

How To Use A Serrapeptase Supplement

Here is a little tip that you absolutely need to follow.

Your serrapeptase supplement must be taken on an empty stomach.
If you take it when there is food in your stomach, the serrapeptase will be
used to digest your food instead of circulating through your blood stream!
Both your stomach and upper intestine must be empty when you take your
daily tablets.

The method that I have used for years is to take two tablets as soon as
I get up in the morning before I shower or get ready for the day.  By doing
this, it gives the serrapeptase over 30 minutes to go through my empty
stomach before I eat breakfast.  That’s really the only time of the day that
my stomach and upper intestine is completely empty.  An additional benefit
is that I’m thirsty when I wake up and this gives me an opportunity to
down a glass of water.

There’s another option.  If you have nothing but fruit for breakfast, your
stomach should be empty in an hour and your upper intestine in a couple
of hours.  In that case, you could then take the serrapeptase an hour
before you eat lunch.

The bottom line is that you don’t want to let food sabotage your efforts to
clear your arteries.  Take your serrapeptase on an empty stomach.

A Similar Product

If you are familiar with nattokinase, you will recognize that serrapeptase
and nattokinase are somewhat similar.  The truth is that both serrapeptase
and nattokinase are fibrinolytic enzymes.  This means that they are enzymes
that dissolve fibrous material.

Nattokinase is primarily used to dissolve blood clots and to improve blood
flow.  It’s another wonder product whose cardio benefits are similar to
serrapeptase.  The primary difference is that while nattokinase does
dissolve fibrous materials, it does not display the same powerful anti-
inflammatory activity of the serrapeptase enzyme.

Nattokinase occurs naturally in a type of soy-based cheese that has been
consumed safely in Japan for over a thousand years.  Serrapeptase has
been commonly used in Europe and Asia for more than 30 years.  Both
are very beneficial and sometimes used together.

The reason that I focus on serrapeptase is that it’s cheaper, it has superior
anti-inflammatory abilities and it’s ounce for ounce more biologically active.  
Nattokinase that is currently on the market supplies 20,000 units per
gram, while serrapeptase supplies 60,000 units per gram.

Finally, I’ve mentioned several times that serrapeptase is very useful for
pain and inflammation.  You can read about some other very effective
solutions in my article on
Inflammation and Chronic Pain.  

Once you’ve tried serrapeptase, please drop me a note and let me know
how it works for you.  Especially if you suffer from chronic pain.  That’s a
topic that’s especially important to me and I would love to hear your

So, what is serrapeptase? It's a fast-acting solution to pain and
inflammation and a slow-acting cure for heart disease.
Here’s to a long and happy life – free from pain and heart disease.  Cheers!

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