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Inflammation and Chronic Disease
Unseen inflammation is causing an epidemic of multiple diseases.  
Find the cause and the cure.

Cold Sore Outbreaks and My Cold Sore Miracle
Cold sores are curable.  I cured mine and you can too.  This cold sore
remedy works fast.

How to Quit Smoking
My personal story of how I quit smoking.  What I learned will help you quit
smoking too.  Understand the difference between a habit and an addiction
and how to overcome both.

Oh, My Aching Back - How To Manage Back Pain
If you suffer from back pain, you can find relief.  What I learned from my
chiropractor can set you free from chronic pain.

Skin Care – How to Soothe Dry Itchy Skin
Dry itchy skin can be cured.  If you suffer from dry itchy skin, you need to
read about these skin care miracles.

Serrapeptase for Heart Health
Heart disease is the #1 killer.  Learn a simple way to improve your heart
health while improving your overall health too.

Gingivitis Treatment
My experience with gingivitis and bleeding gums was scary.  Find out the
cure.  It works fast and it's cheap.

Bad Breath Cures
Bad breath is embarrassing.  And, it's unnecessary too.  While curing my
gingivitis, I learned the secret to removing bad breath forever.

A Bad Rap for Omega 6
I keep seeing conflicting reports.  Is Omega 6 bad for you or is it getting a
bad rap?  Find out the whole truth.

Natural Liver Cleanse
I finally did it!  My first natural liver cleanse.  Find out the results.

Life Cleanse: Warning! Not all Life Cleanse Products Are The Same!
Learn how to tell the good products from the scams.

Iodine For Thyroid Treatment – Myth Busted
How can you really tell if you need supplemental iodine for your thyroid?

Relief From Muscle Adhesions
Adhesions are essentially scar tissue that naturally develops in your body
after any type of trauma.  They can also be responsible for a wide range of
issues from pelvic pain to infertility.

Whey Protein Powder
Do you need whey protein powder for optimum health?  Absolutely!

Sunburn Relief – A Perfect Sunburn Remedy
If you have a major sunburn, you need some major sunburn relief and you
need it fast.  Here’s the best way to get some quick sunburn relief.

Egg White Protein
Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly about egg white protein.  

Itchy Bug Bites
I’ve found a fast and easy way to stop the itch with something that almost
everyone has in their home.

Six Tricks To Double Your Calorie Burn
A plateau is a lovely thing when you get to it after hiking all day. It's not
when describing your fitness efforts!  

Self-Care for Back Pain
When it comes to back pain, your first thoughts may be to take over the
counter pain medication and rest whenever possible. Two bad options.

SOD and Fibrosis
More good news.  I have recently learned how the antioxidant SOD can
reverse fibrosis!  That’s the kind of news I like to hear.

Exercise Myths – Part 1
There are lots and lots of exercise myths.  In this article, I’ll address 3
popular myths.

Exercise Myths – Part 2
3 more exercise myths debunked. Part 2 of our series.

Exercise Myths – Part 3
3 more exercise myths debunked.  The final installment of our 3 part series.

The Nutritional Deficiency That Will Prevent Weight Loss - Even With
Diet and Exercise
If you're having trouble losing weight or keeping it off, then you need to
know about this...  The latest research shows that there's a 90% chance
that your problem is due to a specific nutritional deficiency.

Healing Emotional Pain – Natural Ways to Feel Happier
If you had a headache that refused to go away for weeks at a time, or if
you had a backache that would not heal, you would eventually go to the
doctor, right?  Why wait to address emotional pain?

Kickboxing is great exercise and has other benefits too.

The Truth About Six-Pak Abs
Five Things You MUST Know if You Are Ever Going to Lose That Belly Fat &
Get 6-Pack Abs

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