Sunburn Relief – A Perfect Sunburn Remedy

If you have a minor sunburn and you need some mild sunburn relief, take
an ibuprofen and put some coco butter on your skin and you will feel much

However, if you have a major sunburn, you need some major sunburn
relief and you need it fast.  Here’s the best way to get some quick sunburn

First, start with some ibuprofen.  This not only helps with the pain but
it reduces swelling.  Sunburn will cause the skin tissue to swell a lot.  
Reducing the swelling will help reduce the pain and will reduce the tissue
damage that sunburn does to your skin.

A Soothing Bath For Sunburn Relief
The next step is a special bath to reduce the heat in your skin and to
promote the healing process.  Fill a tub with cool (not cold) water.  If it’s
too warm it will hurt.  If it’s too cold, it will cause shock to your body.  
Remember, if you are severely burned, your body is likely near the point
of being in shock.  Don’t add more stress to your body.  Once you are in
the tub, you can run more cold water and slowly reduce the temperature.

It’s important that you add several items to the bath water.  Here’s the list
and the purpose for each.

1)  A cup of vinegar.  Apple cider vinegar is best but white is OK too.  This
will lower the Ph of the water and sooth the burning sensation.

2)  A cup of baking soda.  This will moderate the Ph of the water and also
add a soothing mineral content to the water.

3)  One half cup of Epsom salts.  This adds additional minerals to the water
and is very soothing to the sunburn.  It will also help with the healing of
the skin.

4)  One cup of oatmeal.  If you can quickly cook the oatmeal before adding
it to the water, this is even better.  The oatmeal is extremely soothing.

5)  Boil about 4 cups of water and add some tea bags.  Make a very strong
tea solution and add it to the bath water.  The tannic acid in the tea will
help remove the burning sensation.

Once the bath is ready, soak for 15 or 20 minutes.  When you get out, you
can leave the water in the tub because you might want to take another dip
for additional sunburn relief about a half hour later.  This initial bath should
help take away a lot of the pain but there is no harm in taking several more
baths if it continues to help.

Of course, when you get out of the tub, be very gentle with the towel.  
Pat yourself dry and maybe even drip dry.  No rubbing with a towel.

Burn Treatment & Moisturizer
After you get out of the tub, you will still need to treat the burn.  The
very best thing to use is hydrocortisone cream.  However, if you want
something more natural, aloe works almost as well.  But a word of caution
about using aloe vera products – be sure that it’s 100% aloe and nothing
else.  A lot of products contain alcohol and this will dry out your skin.  Of
course, if you have an aloe vera plant, you can use the gel-like material
inside the leaves and it works great.

You will also need to moisturize your skin. This not only helps the healing
process but it can actually help with the pain as much as the aloe or
hydrocortisone.  The
best product to use is coco butter or coconut oil
(same thing).  Apply this liberally every hour or two.  Even as the pain goes
away, use the coconut oil a couple of times daily to aid your skin’s healing
process and to reduce peeling.  

It’s a fact that after any serious sunburn you are going to have some
amount of  peeling.  But, regular use of coconut oil can keep the peeling to
a minimum.

Nourish Your Skin From The Inside
A soon as you get the burn, you need to start drinking as much water as
you can.  A burn over large parts of your skin will severely dehydrate your
body.  As mentioned, your body will be close to a state of shock when you
get a severe burn.  Drinking large amounts of water will help your body
cope with what it considers a crisis situation.  Over the next several days,
pay particular attention to keeping well hydrated.  This will not only helps
your body in general but will also aid in the repair of the skin tissue.

The final thing that you need to do to promote healing is to give you body
what it needs on the inside.  As your skin tissue heals and regenerates,
there are several nutrients that your body will use abundantly.  Help your
body along by giving it what it needs.

Starting with a healthy diet, it would be good to take some additional
supplements.  Vitamins A, C, and E, along with zinc and selenium will help
reduce the free radical damage that the sun does to your skin.  

The final supplement that you should consider is some source of Omega-3
oils to reduce systemic inflammation.  Even a mild sunburn will cause
substantial tissue swelling.  Reducing this swelling by taking an Omega-3
supplement is a great idea.  My recommendation is an enteric coated fish oil
capsule.  The enteric coating will prevent that fishy aftertaste.

In summary, sunburn relief comes from addressing the severe initial pain,
soothing the on-going moderate pain over the next few days and
promoting healing of the sunburn through nutrition and topical
moisturizers.  And, hopefully, avoiding too much peeling.

And, it’s obvious that the best sunburn relief is sunburn protection.  
Think SPF when enjoying the great outdoors.

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