ABC's - The Basics of Vitamins

So, if you do nothing else, what is the one thing that you should be doing
on a daily basis?

Well, that one is easy.  You should take a multi-vitamin.  That's the
foundation for any other supplements that you might take.  

Vitamins and other supplements act together in a synergistic manner.  For
example, when Vitamin C reacts with a free-radical, it changes form to
where it no longer acts as a free-radical scavenger.  However, Vitamin E can
act upon the Vitamin C to rejuvenate it.  It recycles the Vitamin C so that it
can continue it's work on those nasty little free-radicals.

Taking a good multi-vitamin is the absolute minimum for anybody and
everybody to build a good nutritional foundation.  However, don't stop

If you don't want to take a handful of vitamins every day, you should at
least add a few additional supplements to your multi-vitamin.  Here are the
top 3 vitamins plus one additional supplement for good measure:

A - one 10,000 IU capsule (only if your multi has less than 5,000 IU's)
C - 1,000mg (taken as 2 - 500mg tablets for ease of swallowing)
E - one 400 IU capsule

Note that it spells the easy to remember acronym A-C-E and if you follow
these guidelines you will ace your basic vitamin profile.

The one additional supplement for good measure is a fish oil capsule for the
Omega-3 fatty acids.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) is highly lopsided
with too many Omega-6 oils and we need help getting the proper balance.  
This will help avoid systemic inflation and a host of degenerative diseases as
I describe in my
article on inflammation.

This combination of supplements will form a solid foundation for your
nutritional health.  From here, I recommend only adding supplements as
needed for any specific health issues or concerns.

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