Whey Protein Powder

Bodybuilders have known for years about the benefits of whey protein
powder.  If you want to pack on some muscle, you definitely need to get
yourself some high quality protein.

However, even if you are not into bodybuilding, it's an absolute fact that
everyone can benefit from the right kind of whey protein powder.  That's
right -

Here's why.  Whey protein powder supplies numerous essential amino acids
including cystine.  The reason that cystine is important is because it's a
critical component that every cell in your body needs to produce

So, why is glutathione important?  I'm glad you asked.  It's because
glutathione is used to produce energy in every cell and it's also one of the
most powerful antioxidants in your body.  In fact, it has been called the
"master antioxidant".

Glutathione super-charges your immune system and it directly
supports energy production at the cellular level.  

Cystine In Your Diet

You might ask if we don't get enough cystine in our everyday diet.  We
actually do get a fair amount of cystine in our diet - but it's the wrong kind!

Here's the point – not just any cystine will do the job.  You must
un-denatured cystine to produce intracellular glutathione.

Un-denatured cystine means that it has not been chemically altered while
being processed.  For example, when milk is pasteurized, the heat
denatures the protein.  Therefore, a lot of the whey protein powder that is
being sold will not provide un-denatured protein which means it does not
contain un-denatured cystine.

The good news is that the whey protein powder industry and bodybuilders
caught onto this several years ago.  You can now buy whey protein
powders that are un-denatured.  

What you need to look for is a whey protein powder that is "cold filtered".  
Sometimes they will call it "cross-filtered cold processed".  

Whey Protein Side Effects

Some people are worried about whey protein side effects.  The good news
is that whey protein powder is 100% safe.  It's a high quality food.

The main problem is that some people are lactose intolerant.  If that's the
case, try using a whey protein
isolate.  The isolates have very low levels of
lactose (less than 1%) and should be well tolerated.

Does The Average Person Need A Whey Protein Supplement?

Yes!!  Absolutely!!

Does it have to be whey protein powder?  No - but if you can find a good
source of raw, un-denatured protein somewhere else, go for it!  

Personally, I've never been fond of raw eggs in my smoothie or eating any
kind of uncooked meat.  Think about it - can you think of another good
source of raw protein?  The best source I can find is whey protein powder.

But remember, don't buy just any whey protein powder.  Be sure that it's
cold processed and un-denatured or it's a waste of time and money.

Also, you don't need the huge amounts of protein that bodybuilders take
each day.  Many of them take 100 grams to 150 grams.  That's way more
than you need just to boost your glutathione.  

About 15 grams in the morning and another 15 grams in the evening is
plenty as a glutathione booster.

Bottom line -
everyone should supplement with raw protein every day.  
Without it, you are short-changing yourself on energy, immune support
and overall health.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that protein is very filling and many people
lose weight by taking whey protein powder?  Better go get some!

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