They also sell their products under the names Advanced Cleanse, Clear
Body Colon Cleanse, New Life Cleanse, Pro Health Cleanse, Colocleanse,
ColoThin, ColoDetox XR, Digestit Colon Cleanse, Power Colon Cleanse,
and Ultra Cleanse Plus.  They frequently create new websites and new
names for their product so beware of new versions that are sure to
appear.  (3/30/10 update - I just found another one - Clean Colon Pro)

You can tell if the website is from the same company in several ways:

1) Look at the very bottom of the web page.  If the company is located
in Cyprus, beware.  However, only about a third of their websites show
this address at the bottom of the page.

2) They almost always offer a free trial.  However, the “free” trial requires
signing up for an automatic on-going monthly shipment
for about $89/Month.  From dozens and dozens of complaints
that I’ve read, you have a good chance of getting scammed.

3) When you try to leave their websites, you will frequently get a pop-up
window that looks something like this:

Then, once you leave that pop-up message, you get this next
pop-up message:

If you want to read some of the hundreds and hundreds of complaints
about this company, follow this link:

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